Hotel Uhland


Their website bravely states: “Come as a guest and leave as a friend”. Truer words could not be spoken. Uhland is a small hotel establishment, with a true home away from home feeling. They have just the adequate amount of rooms to be considered a hotel according to Namibia’s hotel regulations. Why? Why so few rooms? The answer is simple! Management is so close to your doorstep. At a ring of a bell, within minutes, management could be there to assist you in any way possible. NOT that it needed in any way. The staff are just as service orientated, really adding to the smooth runnings of the establishment. In this regard everyone working at Uhland is there to help you and is capable of assisting wherever they can. We arranged to come and do the interview and everything was organized before you could say the word "hotel" . Management made time for us. Truly the people’s hotel.


Staying at Uhland is a joy. Close to central Windhoek and just around the corner from the Art Gallery and other tourist hot spots like Joe's Beerhouse. Their rooms are just right for you to have a comfortable stay in Windhoek. Uhland also takes the environment into account as they have many methods of keeping GREEN. One being a bucket in the shower. The cold water collected while the shower is heating up is then used in multiple ways. Namibia is a dry country and it is easy for big companies or any establishments to disregard Namibia’s shortage in water, but not Hotel Uhland. It is truly impressive for me to see a company that is environmentally conscious.


Do you want to feel like a true Namibian? The easiest way to do this is to EAT what a Namibian eats. They offer amazing homemade styled breakfasts that’ll keep you going for your amazing tour of Windhoek. Hearing what they have to offer at their breakfast buffet was truly mouthwatering. Another way is to enjoy Namibian made products. They serve the finest Namibian beer and have several sample Namibian skin care products to keep you going. Namibia’s dry and you need to be ready for anything! Well Hotel Uhland can keep you ready for everything. The customer’s satisfaction is Uhland’s highest priority. I wasn’t even abooked into the hotel but was very intrigued by the friendly attitude of the staff. They were willing to help where ever they could.


Rooms include air conditioning, free Wi-Fi to keep you in touch with the world, and an out of this world friendly staff. Their most impressive staff member, the one I adore the most, is Schoko, the friendliest one around, in charge of public relations and out there to help you. Yes, he is a dog. The hotel has dogs, but they are trained by a professional dog trainer which happens to be the owners of Uhland, Juergen Rannersmann and his wife, Irmgard. Comfort is your happiness, and seeing you happy is what the staff at Uhland want. If I could tell you one thing, you won’t regret a moment there. Their rooms with a shared balcony makes for a great place for friends to gather. I would go there just to enjoy myself, hang out with my friends and take in the atmosphere. A relaxing experience in a foreign country, this is what I am looking for when I travel overseas.


Article by: Bennie Boshoff

Photographs by: Tim Brunauer Photography